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ThinkForBL proposes an offshoring blueprint between Korea and Vietnam at VNITO 2019

Korea’s software engineering consulting company, ThinkForBL (CEO: Park JiHwan) is giving a speech about (Why Vietnam and Why Korea? A great opportunity differs from a great result. Appropriate strategies and plans are required for turning it to the best result) on October 23rd during VNITO 2019 which will be opened at Ho Chi Minh.

CEO Park JiHwan is going to spotlight the recent conflict between the two countries’ offshoring services on frequent requirement changes, harsh price cuts, and inadequate management of offshoring, and he will present the direction of a solution. 

Since 2017, ThinkForBL has already been cooperating with Vietnam companies and has done numerous offshoring matching. In particular, ThinkForBL suggests that small Software R&D businesses in Korea should develop outsourcing in Vietnam. In addition, a consulting firm called ‘BE THE DECACORN’ provides a service to startups and small businesses with consulting services that ‘makes it sell well’ rather than ‘just work well’ so the firms can focus on their service. Therefore, instead of hiring engineering themselves for development, they emphasize that it is a more strategic way for a startup to outsource to Vietnam.

Park also said, “There is no need for large companies in Korea to outsource overseas because they already have their own Software subsidiaries.” It could cost more, but it is passing your own money to your family. Even if we have some outsourcing to Vietnam now, this is just a demonstration. Once we get some proof of efficiency and effectiveness from Vietnam, they will start building their own development center and start scouting a lot of engineers. In another market of Korea’s public ISP market, there will not be an incident where the people’s taxes are used overseas. The situation is different for small Software companies. Because of the changing labor market, labor laws, and labor culture in Korea, they cannot hire engineers, or they will soon leave the jobs, so they need a partner who can make their development successful. But, this raises a question. “Would Korean small companies have such merit to Vietnam companies?” This is the question that I’m going to answer during this speech.  

Since its establishment in 2008, ThinkForBL has been in the industry of Software Engineering Consulting. We have consulted over 300 companies and we are on top of the industry.  We have a unique technology with more than 50 patents in the field of software engineering technology. We had a presentation of relevant technology at International Colloquium and we have a reputation of being the best in the field of Software engineering and establishing Korean technical standards. Park JiHwan has served as a chairman of the Software Engineering Technology Standardization Forum in Korea.