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ThinkforBL, CPS Testing's Future Technology

ThinkforBL Co., Ltd.(CEO, Park JiHwan,) a South Korean software engineering consulting firm, will set up an exhibition zone at VNITO 2019, which will be held from Oct. 23-25, and introduce future testing technologies.

Defects in Software in the past had an impact on re-execution and rebooting, but now the Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) have taken control of our industry, increasing the physical impact of reaching the risk of social-network paralysis or human casualties, requiring more robust testing. ThinkforBL plans to introduce technologies that can configure virtual environments to conduct extreme tests, which experts say can be applied to smart cities, smart factories, and cyber-physical systems to maximize their effectiveness.

These technologies have already been published and introduced in international conferences such as IEEE International Conference Software Testing (ICST) and ASQN (Asia Software Quality Network), which have received favorable reviews from experts in the field of testing.

"With the importance of Software so highlighted, Software testing at industrial sites has not yet progressed much from manual testing, which relies on tester personal experience, and inspection tools to analyze the grammar of source code," said CEO, Park JiHwan. As new perspectives and new technologies are needed, they expect the technology to be a starting point for changing the perception of testing."

ThinkforBL is a technology company that has conducted about 300 consulting sessions in the software engineering field for small and medium-sized software R&D companies in Korea over 12 years since its establishment in 2008 and has a history of over 50 patent applications and registrations in connection with software engineering tools. In particular, they conducted several workshops to spread the test technology to Vietnamese companies and received a lot of positive reviews from participating companies.