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Digital transformation in businesses, agencies, organizations an inevitable trend?

Perhaps when reading this question, everyone has the answer because in fact, digital transformation is a trend in the world. The pioneering enterprises and organizations in this issue currently have a strong "move" with breakthroughs in labor productivity, rapid increase in profits ...

Digital transformation is inevitable

According to Prof. Dr. Ho Tu Bao - Senior Research Institute of Mathematics (VIASM), in the 4.0 era, whether big or small, if enterprises want to build a competitive advantage, improve business efficiency, strengthen and improve advancing products and services, expanding markets cannot say "no" to digital transformation, digitizing operation and management processes in their enterprises.

Speaking at the opening of Vietnam ICT Forum Summit 2019 on August 8, 2019, VINASA Chairman - Mr. Truong Gia Binh shared: "Digital transformation is a global trend and a vital issue for countries, organizations, and businesses. The world is witnessing tremendous changes in labor productivity, user experience and many new business models that have been formed ".


 Digital transformation in businesses, agencies, organizations an inevitable trend?

IDC's 2018 survey also shows that digital transformation is becoming a strategy at enterprises and organizations. Nearly 90% of businesses have started to convert numbers with different steps from research to start deploying and implementing. More than 30% of business leaders surveyed consider digital transformation a vital issue, confirming effectiveness in many aspects such as understanding customers, increasing labor productivity, speeding up creativity ...

The trend of digital transformation is spreading globally, it can be seen that Vietnam cannot "stand outside " in the issue of digital transformation - if not to say this is a survival problem!

Successful digital transformation solution

According to Mr. Phi Anh Tuan - Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association (HCA), in order to convert successfully, the first thing to do is to change the creative thinking of leaders and people in the organization. Then quantify the criteria that Digital Business model brings, in which there are 5 factors to consider quantifying to form the business strategy of: (1) Business model made up of Digital Technology, (2) List of digitized products and services, (3) Information and data considered business assets, (4) Applications thoroughly use IT for production and business, (5) Digitize content, transmission media and transmission channels.

Accordingly, building a data strategy through digitizing content is extremely important in the digital transformation process. And no matter which method of implementation, the digitalized solutions to create databases must be oriented to the exact criteria, security and cost savings of deployment and operating costs after deployment.

D-IONE is a smart document digital solution platform built according to ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 information security standards, to meet the requirements of: application of information technology to process high quality data, efficient information, manage information and data efficiently, provide information fast and confidential, saving time, operating costs, improving work efficiency.


Digital transformation in businesses, agencies, organizations an inevitable trend?

D-IONE saves up to 50% of deployment costs, 80% of time and resources compared to the digitalization method of creating a traditional database while ensuring safety, accuracy and security. confidential information.

According to FSI, D-IONE saves up to 50% of deployment costs, 80% of time and resources compared to digitalized methods of creating traditional databases, while improving safety, accuracy and information security. D-IONE integrates IONE automatic identification and extraction technology, with an accuracy of more than 95%, automatically extracting unlimited information form forms, unlimited types of documents such as: document records copies, diagrams, photos, identity cards, red books ... Integrating smart technology such as Machine learning, AI, IOT ... helps the database creation process become fast, save time and cost, and improve exactly.

D-IONE solution has been applied to many large customers in many different fields such as manufacturing, retail, real estate, auditing, etc. for ministries: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry Cong An, Ministry of Construction, EVN, ... and D-IONE is highly appreciated for the efficiency brought.

D-IONE solution is provided by FSI technology and trading investment joint stock company - one of the leading digital transformation solutions suppliers in Vietnam, Top 50 leading IT enterprises in Vietnam, and Vietnam Gold Star unit 2018.

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