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PRESS RELEASE: VIETNAM ITO CONFERENCE 2019: Vietnam – The Emerged Destination for Innovation

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Press release: VIETNAM ITO CONFERENCE 2019: Vietnam – The Emerged Destination for Innovation




Main theme: Vietnam – The Emerged Destination for Innovation

Ho Chi Minh City August 27, 2019: Inheriting the success of Vietnam ITO Conferences in 2017 and 2015, VNITO Alliance, Quang Trung Software City (QTSC), and Investment & Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) under the direction of the HCM City People's Committee are planning to organize Vietnam ITO Conference 2019 for the 3rd time with the main theme “Vietnam – The Emerged Destination for Innovation” on October 23-24-25, 2019 (the main conference date on October 24) at Tan Son Nhat Hotel Saigon, 202 Hoang Van Thu, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Where the 2015 and 2017 Conferences emphasized Vietnam as a leading Asian destination for software development outsourcing, the 2019 Conference highlights Vietnam's long-term goal of becoming a Southeast Asia's leading innovation center. This year, the Conference will introduce solutions on artificial intelligence (AI/ML), Blockchain, Big Data, IOT, Digital Transformation, and Tech talents, etc. Especially, the Conference has 02 major panels for discussions conducted by top experts from Japan and Korea. The Japanese panel will introduce Japanese partners' success stories when working with Vietnam IT services companies, and how Vietnamese companies can expand their market to Japan. The Korean panel will discuss how Korean tech companies can work with Vietnamese IT companies to get a win-win cooperation.

Vietnam ITO Conference 2019 includes the following activities: International Conference with more than 500 participants, 5 Panel Discussions, a Business Matching Session with more than 30 counters for local and foreign enterprises to meet and explore business opportunities, Technology Exhibitions, Gala Dinner, software park/ IT enterprise tours, and VNITO Golf Tournament 2019. The Conference aims to create an international forum on a large scale, highlight the capacity of Vietnam's IT industry, draw attention and participation of foreign partners, and contribute to promoting the image and potential of Vietnam Information Technology industry as the emerged destination for innovation.

The number of exhibition counters for showcasing impressive products and solutions has significantly increased from 30 counters in VNITO Conference 2017 to 60 exhibition counters in VNITO Conference 2019, of which there are nearly 30 exhibition counters for Korean and Japanese companies, who are in very keen hunger of partnering and cooperating with Vietnamese IT companies. The Organizing Committee expects the business matching session will generate more than 200 networking opportunities at spot.

As of August 26, 2019, the Conference has received registration of more than 300 participantsof which there are more than 100 guests fromforeign countries: America, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc. Among them, there are 02 delegations from reputable Korean organizations (Korea IT Cooperation Center and Korea Software Association), and 3 delegations from Okinawa, Tokyo and Fukuoka cities. The number of participants continues to increase as the Conference date approaches. It shows the attraction of the Conference to international community and is the most prestigious conference in Vietnam's IT sector.

According to Mr. Lam Nguyen Hai Long - Honorary Chairman of VNITO Alliance, CEO of QTSC: “Vietnam has been very successful in the software outsourcing field over the past decade. International counterparts have regarded Vietnam as a "Software Development Hub" of Asia for software development outsourcing. Moreover, in recent years, Vietnam has actively implemented many new models and policies such as smart city models, creative cities programs and start-up activities as a meaningful response to The Industrial Revolution 4.0. Vietnam is also a highly open economy with policies of making friends with all countries, thereby helping Vietnam reach larger markets. As a country listed in Top 10 countries that have the most students studying abroad, together with a great number of Vietnamese scientists who are working in developed countries, Vietnam has several favorable conditions to connect and learn the most up-to-date and complicated products and technologies from the world. Those conditions have been offering lots of opportunities and premises for Vietnam to become one of the centers for software development and innovation in Southeast Asia.

Mr. Park Jihwan, CEO of ThinkforBL from Korea, shared: “We have been consulting over 300 companies in Korea. We always lead their success and never back down until their pain is better. However, Korea's small market and poor software developer resources bother Korean software companies. Our worst solution was trying to solve it by ourselves. Global cooperation is also in global competition. Now, we knew what the real support was for them. For Korean software companies, connecting the best partners for mutual benefit is a real support. We present all the methods we can do without prejudice or blame. We are looking for the global competitiveness of Korean software companies right here in Vietnam.”

The Organizing Committee would like to invite Vietnam solution providers to participate and introduce innovative products & solutions so that together we drive Vietnam IT industry moving forward. We are also looking forward to welcoming local and international clients who are seeking ITO/BPO solutions in Vietnam; explorers in quest of case studies on new technologies to enhance competitive advantages; and entrepreneurs and tech people who are looking for an effective platform for networking/business matching.

For more details about Vietnam ITO Conference 2019, please visit the site https://bit.ly/2U3snSF, orhttp://vnito2019.vnito.org 





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About the Press Conference to announce the event of Vietnam ITO Conference 2019,  held on 27/08/2019, aiming at introducing theagenda and contents of the Conference, the role of the Conference in promoting the potential of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City’s new technologies that help Vietnam to become the leading destination in Southeast Asia for new technologies and innovation.

Besides the purpose of introducing Vietnam ITO Conference 2019, the Conference also has many panel discussions about highly interested topics: How does the new wave of technology in the world open up opportunities and challenges to Vietnamese technology enterprises? What should Vietnamese enterprises do to take advantage of these opportunities? What are the impacts of world economic fluctuations from the beginning of the year to the information technology industry in Vietnam? Whether Vietnam is able to become an "Innovation Hub" - the leading innovation hub in Southeast Asia? What are the solutions in The Industrial Revolution 4.0: buying, making or transferring technology? Should Vietnamese manpower for the Fourth Industrial Revolution serve the Vietnamese market or the world market first? Should the workforce for the Fourth Industrial Revolution be educated about 4.0 first? How to increase the value of Vietnam's IT industry? And, how to promote new images of Vietnam IT industry?.

For further information please contact:

Ms. Ngoc Hoa - QTSC

Phone: (84-28) 3715 8888 / ext 970

HP: 0982 990 147

Email: ngochoa@qtsc.com.vn 

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