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For visitors:

By attending the Vietnam ITO Conference 2019's exhibition, you can expect to meet with the industry’s leading organizations representing upstream, midstream and downstream. If you have already received tickets to attend the Conference, access to the exhibition is included with your registration.

Over 100 exhibitors will showcase the latest products, innovations and technologies. The event will welcome thousands local and internation visitors which will provide unlimited networking opportunities.

For security purposes all attendees will be required to show appropriate identification including Photo ID, and the organiser reserves the right to deny entry at its discretion.

To become an exhibitor, join the growing list of exhibitors to showcase the newest technologies, innovative products & services, please click Registration button.

Counter fee: 10,000,000 VND/counter2mx2m (not including of 10% VAT). Organizer will set up basic decoration (including 1 backdrop, 1 desk, 2 chairs, 2 water bottles). In the early bird time (until July 31), you will be discounted 15%.

Contact us for more details on sponsoring, booking ticket, advertising, or partnering, including custom-made options that fit your company’s objectives and budget.






No. Company Name Counter Website
1 TMA Solutions 28 - 29 http://www.tmasolutions.com/
2 SoftNET 32 https://www.softnet.eu/
3 Global CyberSoft - Hitachi Consulting Vietnam 33 - 34 http://www.globalcybersoft.com/en/
4 ThinkforBL Consulting Group 38 - 39 http://thinkforbl.com/?ckattempt=2
5 DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM 40 - 41 https://digi-texx.vn/
6 LogiGear Vietnam 43 - 44 https://www.logigear.com/
7 LOTUS APP 5 https://lotusapp.vn/
8 IFI SOLUTION https://www.ifisolution.com/
9 LQA https://www.lotus-qa.com/
10 Vietnam Blockchain Corporation 3 http://vietnamblockchain.asia/